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      Why Choose Genuine Parts from Toyota Kenya

      Not all parts work the same

      Toyota Kenya stands behind the quality of all our parts. When using Genuine Parts from Toyota Kenya you know they’ve been designed to replace the exact part you require. This built-in performance and reliability gives you added peace of mind

      Not all parts have a warranty

      All our parts come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty*, backed by our nationwide dealer network. Non-genuine parts often come with shorter warranties and it can be harder to trace the manufacturer if something goes wrong.

      Beware the danger: If the part is in a labelled box it must be genuine

      Unfortunately this is not always the case. There are hundreds of counterfeit parts on the market, all trying to mimic the way Genuine Parts look. 
In truth, the only way you can be sure they’re genuine is to purchase parts from your authorized Toyota Kenya Dealer or a Toyota Kenya Accredited Service Center.

      Our genuine parts are competitively priced

      Even if a non-genuine part does save you a few dollars, the fact that it’s cheaper means that the manufacturer probably had to compromise on materials and specifications. And that means it’s more likely to fail, so you may well end up having to buy it twice.
Toyota Kenya has very competitive Genuine Parts pricing that give you better value for money.

      Body Shop

      At Toyota, we want to ensure that in the unfortunate event of an accident, no matter the size of the damage, your vehicle will be restored to its original state by a Toyota Certified Technician using only Toyota Genuine parts, repair techniques and tools.

      Let us take away the stress and hassle that fixing your damaged vehicle can bring. We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of vehicle body repair and paintwork. We work with many fleet operators and insurance companies and pride ourselves on giving top quality repair and service to our customers.

      Body Shop services include:

      • Vehicle paint and body scratch repair
      • Vehicle Bodywork
      • Professional Colour Matching
      • Dent Repair
      • Alloy Wheel Repair
      • Car Bumper Repair
      • Trade and Commercial Accounts – Vehicle Body Repair
      • Jigging and Vehicle Alignment
      • Valet Cleaning
      • Vehicle Polish
      • Wind Screen Replacement
      • Headlight Reconditioning